What should I expect upon arrival at Griffin Imaging?

Arriving at Griffin Imaging

Once you arrive at Griffin Imaging, you will be greeted by our friendly office staff.  They will assist you as you check-in. We will be glad to answer any questions about registration and your visit.

It is best to plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your exam time.  You will be asked to provide your insurance card and picture ID.  If you have already printed the registration forms and completed them at home, please turn those in to the staff at that time.  This will help speed up the registration process allowing the appointment to go smoothly and on schedule.  You can also complete the registration forms when you arrive.  You will find our lobby area is designed for comfort with televisions, current magazines and helpful information about your exam. Should you need anything, please let us know.

Meeting your Technologist

Our friendly and professional technologist will meet you in the lobby and will escort you to your imaging suite.  They will remain with you through the duration of your visit.  They will detail and thoroughly explain each step of your exam, making you as comfortable as possible throughout the process.  It is important for you to communicate with your technologist and express any questions or concerns you may have prior to the scanning process.

The Exam Room

There is plenty of room and lighting in our MRI and CT imaging suites.  The technologist will perform your scan from the adjoining room, monitoring the entire process through a large window.  There is constant contact with him or her via a microphone, letting you know exactly what to expect and how long it will take.  Whether using Cinemavision, headphones for music, eye pillows or blankets, we are intent on making you comfortable before, during and after your exam.  Should you feel any discomfort or concern, simply let your technologist know.