Preparing for Your Exam

There are specific preparation guidelines for each of our diagnostic procedures. For your convenience, instructions for your specific exam are found in the links below and are also available for download and printing.


Most MRI exams do not require special preparation, and you may eat normally and take medications as usual unless your doctor has provided other instructions. If your exam does require any fasting or other preparation, you will be informed during your appointment confirmation call. Please notify Griffin Imaging if you are claustrophobic, have had prior studies, have pacemaker or any metal in your body.


Some patients may be required to pick up two bottles of contrast and instructions will be given at that time.


Abdominal Ultrasound: On the night before your exam, no food or drink should be consumed after midnight.  This scan requires a minimum 8 hour fast.

Pelvic or OB Ultrasound: VERY IMPORTANT - One hour before exam, drink one quart of water and DO NOT urinate.


For a plain X-ray there are no specific preparation instructions but there are some important things you need to do:

  • Please arrive with the X-ray order (request form or referral letter) from your doctor. This is a legal requirement and no X-ray examination can be performed without it.
  • Please inform your own doctor or the radiographer who is performing the X-ray if there is any chance you may be pregnant. This is important information as a different approach may be needed or even a different test altogether may be required. Safety of the patient and unborn child is the number one priority.
  • You may have to wear a hospital gown. This ensures the X-ray is of the highest quality as some clothing can make it difficult to see the images clearly.
  • You will be asked to remove certain items like watches, necklaces and certain types of clothing that contain metal objects such as zips, as these items may interfere with the quality of the image.