Test Results

Confidential ReportsFollowing your diagnostic procedure, image results from your exam are transferred to our on-site radiologist. The radiologist then prepares a diagnostic report to send to your referring doctor within 24-48 hours. Your physician will review and consider the information provided in context with your medical circumstances and needs. Depending on your individual situation, this could take several days. He/she will discuss the results with you.

Please maintain contact with your doctor’s office for questions about next steps and follow-up visits. If your physician has requested a copy of your images, you may be asked to wait briefly following your scan while they are printed. Your original set of films or CD will be provided at no charge.

Upon request, original exam CD (or files if preferred) will be sent directly to your physician. Griffin Imaging will retain electronic copies of your scan for a length of time in accordance with Georgia state laws, in most cases for a minimum of seven - ten years.